Cruise with Fontane

Fontane Darsteller
Kreuzfahrt MITFontane©Nadine Schwertfeger, event-theater e.V.

Theater trip in Brandenburg on Havel/OT Plaue

When the guests are welcomed personally by Theodor Fontane in Seegarten in Kirchmöser around 2:40 pm, it’s time to get on board with him. After crossing Wendsee and Plauer See, we reach the pier in Plaue, where the castle manor is ready for the party. A little later, the cruise company reaches the nearby Adler-Apotheke, a place that Fontane has visited many times. In the pharmacy’s garden, wine or water are served as desired. Suddenly the break is interrupted by a mysterious female figure that motivates the tourist company to continue. She passes through Fontane’s way to the parish church, and then through the cemetery. She joins the castle park. Everywhere in buildings, between trees or on the water, the traveling audience meets scenes and images from Fontane’s life. There will be music and songs. Summer drinks are served before you reach Bornufer: the buffet dinner is open. The return journey is guaranteed by buses and trams towards the main train station in the city of Brandenburg.

Information and Visitor’s Service:

Number of participants: max. 70 people

Theater office: +49 (0)3381/79 32 77

Ticket Prices:

Theater € 25 plus early booking (from 3 to 6 pm)
Theater + dinner buffet 35 € plus early booking (buffet with BBQ from 6 to 7 pm)
Theater + BBQ buffet + ferry 40 € plus early booking (from 2.40 to 7 pm)

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