The program columns

The Fontane Year 2019, with its diverse partners from the fields of culture, education, and science, will offer its guests a wide range of events to experience.

The events in Fontanestadt Neuruppin – Fontane’s birthplace – comprise the focus of the jubilee: the Neuruppin Museum’s main exhibition, the Fontane Festival, two interactive youth projects and Neuruppin’s own extensive program of events are the city’s anniversary year highlights. A special exhibition at the House of Brandenburg-Prussian History in Potsdam, the theme year of Kulturland Brandenburg with more than 40 project partners, and the conference of the University of Potsdam’s Theodore Fontane Archive are additional cultural highlights which enable you to experience the many ways in which Fontane has shaped Brandenburg.

It is conceived and coordinated by the fontane.200/Office, a collaboration between the Brandenburg Society for Culture and History (non-profit LLC) and the University of Potsdam.