Fontane’s plants

Bepflanzung im Tempelgarten©Günter Rieger, Karwe

Plants in Fontane’s work and in the temple garden of his time. Presentation of selected plants in mobile containers.

Richly ornamented with rare plants, baroque sculptures, the temple of Apollo and many romantic details, the temple garden integrates plants in mobile planters that have played a role in Fontane’s works, his letters, reports and feature articles. Both the plants themselves and the connection with the literary sites are explained by text panels.

In the entrance area, some larger containers with higher plants are placed, which at the same time are a reminiscence of the original version of the Gentz’schen garden: On both sides of the »Moorish Gate« were on the garden side of high-trunk trees (farmed elms) planted, the association of Palms triggered and thereby strengthened the desired Orientalist coinage. Under these trees not even winter-resistant plants from southern countries were placed in planters.

Distributed to the multifaceted grounds of the garden and the adjacent museum garden, further containers with medicinal plants, which have a specific reference to Fontane’s writings, are set up and invite to a tour. The trained pharmacist Fontane was very well-versed in medicinal plants and occasionally incorporated his knowledge into his writings.

A laid out leaflet summarizes the backgrounds and details. Theme-specific tours are offered on selected weekends.

Project Term

April 27 till October 29, 2019

Information and Visitor’s Service

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