Notes from Brandenburg: Fontane – Krüger – Kienzle

Foto von Kremsern vor dem Fontanehaus
Kremser vor dem Fontanehaus Neuglobsow©Krüger

The photo exhibition combines Theodor Fontane’s texts and sketches with black and white photographs by the two photographers Heinz Krüger and Lorenz Kienzle.

Heinz Krüger traveled between 1963 and 1970 through the March of Brandenburg and photographed in the locations described by Fontane for a publication of Aufbau Verlag. From these recordings a whole new selection was made, which tells us about everyday life in the GDR 50 years later. Lorenz Kienzle took Fontanes notebooks in 2017 during his excursions through Brandenburg, which originated in 1860 and could be used for the first time in a transcribed and commented version for this project. They form the raw material for the texts on the walks through the March of Brandenburg. The notes are more straightforward and direct than the work that emerged from them. Equipped with a bike and a plate camera, Lorenz Kienzle also drove through Brandenburg to get his picture. His photographs of landscapes, places and animals usually speak for themselves and are combined in the exhibition with Theodor Fontane’s texts and the photographs by Heinz Krüger. This creates a web of relationships that tells of the transience, but also the timelessness of places that you can always rediscover.

An accompanying book will be published by the Verlag Berlin-Brandenburg.
Book trade price: 24 Euros, ISBN: 978-3-947215-42-3

Fontane’s notebooks

Since 2011, Fontane’s notebooks are decoded and commented for a digital edition under the overall direction of Gabriele Radecke at the Theodor Fontane workstation of the University of Göttingen in cooperation with the Lower Saxony State and University Library. For the photo exhibition, the transcriptions of the edition funded by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft were provided in advance.

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