Men of the March? Fontane, Kleist and contemporaries.

An exhibition of the Kleist-Museum Frankfurt (Oder) together with the city marketing Frankfurt (Oder).

Probably nowhere is Theodor Fontane’s ambivalent attitude to Brandenburg-Prussia, his ideals and his history, so clearly reflected as in his reception of Heinrich von Kleist. Although Kleist is widely regarded as the most important precursor in the poetic composition of Brandenburg, Fontane’s late examination of »the other Brandenburg poet« is however characterized by enlightening contradictions. The Kleist-Museum Frankfurt (Oder), together with the City Marketing Frankfurt (Oder) and other partners in the region, would like to address and treat visitors to the handling of both writers with Brandenburg-Prussian history and their heroes with an exhibition in 2019, to discover the »inventor of the Mark«. An extensive accompanying program with multimedia city explorations and day trips, following Fontane’s method of exploring, visualizing and marking historic places, takes the theme into urban space as well as the region on both sides of the Oder and makes the connection of Fontane with Frankfurt and the Oderland clear.

On display

March 30 to December 30, 2019


Kleist Museum
Faberstraße 6-7
15230 Frankfurt (Oder)

Contact and information

T. +49 (0)335/387221-0

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