Obnoxious and irritating at the same time: The Brandenburg People.

On the invention of a collective mentality in literature and fine art. An exhibition of the Kurt Tucholsky Literature Museum Rheinsberg.

The Brandenburg Office for Literature and the Kurt Tucholsky Literature Museum are running the exhibition »Obnoxious and irritating at the same time: The Brandenburg People. On the Invention of a Collective Mentality in Literature and Visual Arts« on the question of how clichés developed by the Mark Brandenburg and its residents in literature and visual arts. How do these stereotypes relate to reality? How was their effect strengthened medially and how were they used politically? Are they still shaping the historical self-understanding and the external perception of the region? Answers to this can be found from March to August, 2019 at the exhibition in the Kurt Tucholsky Literature Museum in Rheinsberg.
One focus of the presentation is the relationship between Tucholsky and Fontane. Both life and work was determined by multiple identities that did not exclude each other. The relationship between European intellectualism, German and Prussian patriotism, and the regional and city-centered identities of Fontane and Tucholsky, as well as their literary reflections and passages, are illustrated in words and pictures.

On display

March 30 to August 31, 2019


Kurt Tucholsky Literature Museum
Schloß 1 / Marstall
16831 Rheinsberg

Contact and Information

T. +49 (0) 3391/39007


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