The Lady Walked Up to the Castle …

Zwei Frauen in einer grünen Landschaft
Theateraufführung©fabrik Potsdam

A performance by the scottish Dudendance Theater.

As if out of time, white figures in long robes roam the landscape and enter into a silent dialogue with architecture and the surrounding nature. Live music with choirs supports the timeless atmosphere. Together with the Scottish performance group Dudendance Theater, as well as dancers, singers and lay people from the region, the landscape performance »The Lady Walked Up to the Castle …« makes tangible traces of the Scottish culture in Fontane’s work through dance and music. Here impulses of the lyrical work, the Brandenburg landscape and architecture are taken up in a series of performances at special cultural and historical places. Quotes from the transmissions of English and Scottish ballads, in which Fontane worked on central themes such as lost love, death, grief and transience, find a significant place.
The complex influence of English and Scottish culture on Fontane’s work has been studied and described in numerous biographical and literary works. Thus the suggestions for one of Fontane’s most important works »The Wanderings through the March of Brandenburg« go directly back to his trip to Scotland and the travel journal »Jenseit des Tweed«. Landscape, history and especially the rich English and Scottish ballad culture have a complex effect on Fontane’s work.

Project term

September 20 to 22, 2019
Premiere: September 20, 2019


Admission is free.


Neuruppin and surroundings, Potsdam.
The exact locations will be announced shortly.

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Fabrik Potsdam
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