Through Wendarska Wallachia. Lübben and the Spreewald during Fontane’s time.

Drei Frauen auf einem Kahn in wendischer Tracht

An exhibition of eyewitness accounts of an authentic image of the 19th century for life in the city of Lübben and the Altkreis Lübben between the Spree and Schlaubetal.

This refers to the epoch just before or during the burgeoning Spreewald tourism. The roads to Berlin have just been built, the train already goes to Cottbus and Görlitz. Who is still wandering through the countryside? Is it not better to travel by train? Even Fontane has hardly wandered, contrary to the title of his »Wanderings«. Who went to the small district town Lübben to pursue his business here? How did one live in the narrow old town houses, the gloomy relax or the small mansions of the wider area? What do we learn from the reports of the mayor Neumann, the daughter of the coffee house owner Lauterbach, a traveling journeyman or Christian Gottlieb Schmidt, a pastor from Wittenberg? On the basis of the prevailing spirit of the times, the fashion, the personal world view of the Spreewalds and the view from outside, the visitor experiences a journey through time – beyond the well-known Spreewald clichés and stories by Theodor Fontane.

On display

July 5 till November 3, 2019

Opening Hours

Wednesday to Sunday 10am – 5pm


Adults: 4.50 Euro
Reduced: 2.50 Euro
Children up to 6 years free | children between 7 and 14 years: 2.00 Euro
Family ticket: 8,00 Euro

Visiting Address

City and Regional Museum in the castle of Lübben
Ernst von Houwald Damm 14
15907 Lübben (Spreewald)

Information and Visitor’s Service

Corinna Junker, Philip Kardel
T. +49 (0) 3546/187478

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